Software / Sequence Support

Help Desk support is only offered for FULL Light-O-Rama systems. We do NOT provide support for using hardware/lights from other manufacturers with our software, or for configuring our hardware in non-LOR software.

Can't download 6.2? Your license may not be considered 'Active' depending on the date of your last purchase. Read the 'What is an Active License?' section on our Major Release Upgrade Page.

Please be as detailed as possible when asking your question - about what's wrong AND what you've already done to troubleshoot.

We'll need to know what version of Light-O-Rama software you're using (4.4.4 Basic, 5.6.8 Pro, 6.1.0 Advanced, etc.), and might need your order number if you're having trouble with purchased sequences from our store.

Please be sure to let us know what you've already tried when troubleshooting, and include screenshots or sequence/preview files if you think it will help better explain your issue.

Only one question at a time on the help desk, please. Do not submit duplicate tickets on the same issue. Tickets submitted on the weekends and evenings (outside of business hours) will have a delay in response time.

Online Communities and Support

In November & December, we get dozens of help desk tickets per hour. The Light-O-Rama user community is a great resource (and you might get a faster answer during those times!)

Official Light-O-Rama forum

Official Facebook Group